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Fakemyinbox - Free Temporary Email Generator

Use Fakemyinbox as temp mail generator to receive disposable email, also known as 10 minute mail or trash mail.

Fakemyinbox is mostly used for creating accounts on facebook and twitter, use it as you wish.

What is Fakemyinbox?

Fakemyinbox is a free temporary email generator also known as temp mail or 10 minute mail that allows you to create unlimited anonymouse temporary mail inboxes, you will not receive spam or any other trash mail in your personal mailbox, this will help you to avoid spam, phishing, and other unwanted activities. Temp email generators are often used to create any account on Facebook, Twitter or any other service. You can also use fakemyinbox for joining newsletters or for receiving any confirmation code. You can use our service as you wish, we don't mind receiving spam :)

How to use Fakemyinbox?

First you have to generate a temporary email address, you can do this after clicking the random button or by entering an custom email address and click on the create button. Now register for example an account on any website and the received mail will appear on the website. After this you can read the received emails. You can also remove any received email from the inbox and it is possible to save enclosures to your computer.

Why use Fakemyinbox as email generator?

You should use fakemyinbox, because we have a clean interface that is simple to use for everyone, you can download received enclosures and the received email or you can manualy remove the email after receiving it, but remember that the received email will be automatically removed after 7 days to avoid any spam. Furthermore we have a refresh rate of 2 sec so our server checks for new emails every 2 seconds. After receiving the email you will get a notification in your browser, so you will never miss any email. The best and unique feature that we are currently offering is high-end email filtering. Emails containing malware and viruses are automatically recognized and removed from our servers. Because of this you do not have to worry about harmfull software on your device.

Fakemyinbox is Available in multiple Languages

We are available in English, Hindi, French, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, German and Polish

To change your language, click on en in the top right corner and select your desired language.

Never use sensitive information

Remember anyone who knows you temp email adress can access your mailbox so never use our service for sensitive content. It is much safer to use an strong email adress, so that nobody can access your mailbox. Use it for spam mails or not sensitive information.

Have you received sensitive information by accident? Just delete the mail and nobody can access it.


We are often replacing our domains that provide your inbox to prevent any blacklisted domains. You can have a look at our current domains by clicking on the dropdown menu on the top of this page.

Expiration Dates

You can find the expiration dates of our domains below:

  • Fakemyinbox.com - Expired: Never
  • Sendbananas.website - Expired: 22/08/2020

Domains are usable till the expire date.


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