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What is Fakemyinbox?

Fakemyinbox is a free temporary email generator that allows you to create unlimited temporary emails on different domains, you can use it to receive spam or any other unwanted emails in our secure mail inbox. This site is unique because you can save received emails to your computer and get an notification in your browser when you receive an email.

Fakemyinbox offers you:

  • Free Temporary Throwaway Email
  • Free Temporary Inbox
  • Unlimited Received Emails
  • Multiple inboxes
  • Save received emails
  • Use your email for 4 days without any removals
  • Multiple domain Support
  • Notification Alerts

How to use Fakemyinbox?

Checkout our Youtube instruction video by clicking here

Why use Fakemyinbox as Email Generator?

Fakemyinbox allows you to use our free and secure email service, you will not receive any spam or unwanted emails in your own mailbox, this will help you to avoid spam, phishing, and other unwanted activities. You can remove the mail after receiving it. If you not do this the received email will be automatically removed after 4 days to avoid any spam. Our Servers are really fast and we have a refresh rate of 5 sec so our server checks for news emails every 5 seconds. Fakemyinbox works well with creating accounts on facebook, twitter or other social media platforms. You can generate your own temp email, and use it always and everywhere you want

Fakemyinbox is Available in multiple Languages

To change your language simply go to our homepage and click on English in the top right corner and select your desired language.

After choosing the right language for you, you can see the generator is ready to use in your selected language.

Why Temporary Disposable Emails?

Disposable emails are best way to fight against any unwanted spam emails in your mailbox. You will not receive any spam or other unwanted emails in your personal inbox. Another reason to use this is Privacy, some received emails use cookies or other tracking tools to track you online, fakemyinbox makes sure you can not be tracked online

You can receive unlimited emails on our servers, without any payment. Our goal is to keep the internet safe and secure for everyone.


If you have any suggestions or questions about Fakemyinbox you can contact us on our email: [email protected]

We will respond as soon as posible, and help you out with the asked questions or suggestions.

Thanks for using our website!

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